Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Thanks!

I know...I know. We've been back for almost TWO months now and I have yet to say a proper thank you to the people who made the trip to Tanzania not only possible, but fantabulous for me!
First, I need to thank Dianne Wilt who thought of me when the team was still looking for a physician, way back last autumn.

Dianne Wilt
She gave my name to Liz Fite who had the nerve to call me, a total stranger, to see if I would be at all interested in joining the medical team for this mission.

Liz Fite with one of our 600+ patients
Liz introduced me to the mastermind behind the operation, Curt Harris--the multi-tasker behind all the arrangements (passports, visas, transportation, lodging, supplies, etc., etc.).

The Mastermind: Curt Harris
This is Pastor Shane, warrior-preacher-prayer guide and all around generally nice guy:

Pastor Shane
This is Vince, the brawn and brains behind the construction team:

...and the team at work:

Thanks to Talek, the Masai warrior who guarded over the camp at night:

And Dr. Boniface for opening his clinic to us and for greeting every day with a big smile.

Dr. Boniface, me, and my adventuresome
and fun-loving tent-mate, Diane

Thanks go out to everyone on the medical team, including our receptionists, pharmacists, physical therapists, optometrist, translators, our nurses, and the national nurses...all of whom met this challenge with optimism, determination, and supernatural patience and kindness.

A special note of deep appreciation is in order for the people of Lobosoit who welcomed us, especially Elias and the elders of the village, the village health committee, and Pastor Peter.

And don't forget the cooks and the staff who fed us and maintained the camp for us.

Let's hear a round of applause for Jon Bongiorno, President of World Serve International:
Jon Bongiorno
His dedication to this project and others has served to maintain an on-going presence in this region. He has pledged his continued support to the people we came to know and love in and around Lobosoit. He's a pretty decent big-game hunter, too!

And finally, a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord (if you believe in Him) or to the power of the universe (if you're not convinced yet) or to fate, chance, or serendipity (if you must).
"Without suffering there is no compassion,
and without compassion, there is no hope.
If you are interested in learning more about our trip or more about the work of Christian Life Assembly, go to http://www.christian-life.com . If you are called to this work, don't hesitate to get involved.

If you do get involved, though...remember this:

You've been warned!

Mungu akabariki!